The Natural Remedies for Conoravirus

  The Natural Foods & Fruits that Can Help You Fight Conoravirus

Although there have been over 11,000,000 people infected and 500,000 deaths caused by Conoravirus, there were many people got healed from this plague. The question is how could you be the part of the healed patients rather than the deceased ones.

There are some natural foods, like Ginger, Garlic, Rich Vitamin C fruits, like Lemon/Lime, and Green Tea, that can help people fight against Conoravirus. Although they may not kill Conoravirus directly by themselves, these natural foods will provide the Micro-nutrients and Vitamins to stimulate or enhance your immune system that can help you defeat Conoravirus or have a fast recovery if infected.

The best way to apply these natural foods in your fighting against Conoravirus is the combination of natural foods, like Ginger, Garlic, Lemon and Green Tea, with generic medicines, like Tylenol and Mucinex.

1. Garlic Remedies

In China, during the Conoravirus pandemic in Wuhan, one group of people seemed immune to the Conoravirus. They are the farmers and resellers of garlic. It seems that garlic does have some sort of effect in fighting against Conoravirus. Hopefully scientists can find out the real mechanism behind the cure of Conoravirus through Garlic.

2. Vitamin C

Eat large dosage of Vitamin C to improve your immune system to fight against Conoravirus

3. Lemon & Green Tea


Drinking several glasses of Green Tea with Lemon/Lime a day can help you improve your immune system and reduce the phlegm in your lung. You can also add some honey to make it sweet.

These natural foods and fruits are not the medicines to kill Conoravirus, but they can boost your immune system to fight against Conoravirus and enhance the healing effect of those medicine like Tylenol and Mucinex, which will increase your chance of self-healing against Conoravirus after the infection.


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