Call for Justice for the U.S. Election 


The United States of America has just experienced the most controversial, and maybe most fraudulent, election in the U. S. history! It tarnished the reputation of US democracy and caused deep division among the people of the United States. The only way to restore people's trust in the U. S. electoral system and heal the wound of the nation is to have a fully transparent audit and recount the votes in those disputed swing states and set up a new law to prevent any voter fraud from ruining the election and democracy of the United States!

I. The Voting "Irregularities" or Voter Fraud in the 2020 Presidential Election

1. The Vote Fraud in Mail-in Ballots

This year, due to the Pandemic of COVID19 Coronavirus, many states mailed millions of mail-in ballots to registered voters for them to mail in their voting ballots rather than coming in person voting at the voting centers. That created a lot of loopholes in mail-in ballot fraud. Tens of thousands of dead people were used by fraudsters to vote and many people's voting ballots were stolen and harvested by fraudsters. 

There are also many mail-in ballots were found in the dumpsters or trashing cans as one candidate's ballots were intentionally dumped or destroyed to change the result of the election. These are the electoral crimes that must be stopped.

2. The Computer "Glitches" in the Election Software

There are also many computer glitches in the vote counting process. Some of them were even caught during the live broadcasting at the election night. Here is an example on how the election software could switch 19,958 votes from one candidate to another candidate within one minute.

3. The Suspicious Activities in the Vote-Counting Process

At the election night, several swing states unprecedentedly halted the vote-counting process at the same time when President Trump was leading the votes in all these swing states. After the vote-counting process started again in a few hours, all these swing states switched from red to blue. Some people tried to defend the process and claimed those mail-in ballots during these hours were mostly for Joe Biden, but why did people stop the vote-counting during these hours and then suddenly Joe Biden's votes jumped significantly after the counting process resumed?

Also, in Pennsylvania, some vote-counting centers illegally blocked the poll watchers or challengers from supervising the vote counting process. And in Philadelphia, they even defied the Supreme Court's order to segregate the votes past the deadline and destroyed all the mail-in ballots envelopes in the mail-in ballot counting center. What did they try to hide? Those people who intentionally destroy the evidence should be investigated to find out the criminal activities behind it. 

4. The Violation of the Benford's Law

There were also many counties' election result violating the Benford's Law which people used to identify the fraud in the election. 

Although some people tried to deny the validity of the Benford's Law, there are more data that reveals the potentially disturbing causes behind these numbers. (See more details about the Benford's Law.)

II. The Solution to the Disputes in the 2020 Presidential Election

Since there are so many voting "irregularities" or voter fraud in the 2020 Presidential Election, the best way to resolve these disputes is to have a fully transparent audit and recount on the votes in those disputed swing states and let both parties send their poll watchers to ensure a fair and transparent vote counting  for this presidential election. 

All legal votes must be counted and all illegitimate or fraudulent votes should be tossed out!

III. The New Law to Prevent Voter Fraud in the Future

To prevent voter fraud in the future elections, the US Congress should set a new law to strictly forbid any voter fraud in the future and highly regulate the voting and ballot-counting procedure to ensure a fair and clean election.

Here are several steps to stop voter fraud and save the electoral system of the United States:

1. Start the Nationwide Voter ID System

Every voter who votes in person must have a valid Voter ID, not just a Driver License. Because anyone can get a driver license, but they may not have the legal right to vote. According to the U. S. Constitution, only the legal U. S. Citizens are allowed to vote! A nationwide Voter ID System is the best way to stop voter fraud from illegitimate voters.

In this 2020 Presidential Election, some states were very loose on identity verification. Some states even allowed illegal residents to vote or allow one person to vote multiple times at different voting centers. Only through a national Voter ID system can we eliminate all these loopholes in our voting system.

2. Notarize the Mail-in Ballots

All mail-in ballots must be notarized that they were sent out by the real persons whose Voter ID matches the name on the mail-in ballot envelope. No more dead people voting! No more ballot harvesting! No more fraudulent voters through mail-in ballots!

The current mail-in ballot policy is full of loopholes for fraudsters to take advantage. If these loopholes in the mail-in ballots are not eliminated, there will be no meaning for personal voting in the United States any more since one party can always change the voting result with a large amount of mail-in ballots in the end.

3. Audit and Stop the Political Manipulation in the Election Software

There were many election software “glitches” during this Presidential Election and some powerful politicians have direct or indirect interest in the election software company. That could cause some back-door manipulation on the election results. 

According to the Arm's Length Principle, all politicians should stay out of the election software company to prevent the fraudulent manipulation and biased political influence in the vote counting system. If we cannot stop the manipulation in the election software, all the future elections will be meaningless.

4. Transparent Surveillance on the Ballot Counting Process

All Ballot-counting centers need to be fully transparent and fully surveilled by Poll Watchers and the public through surveillance cameras. Each ballot has to be counted by two members from different parties so that no one can miscalculate and falsely credit the votes to their preferred candidates.

During the ballot counting process, there were many irregularities in the swing states of this election. We have to have a transparent ballot counting mechanism to ensure that every legal votes was counted and our fundamental right would not be violated. 

The former dictator of the Soviet Union Joseph Stalin once boasted, "The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything." If the United States cannot fix the loophole in the vote counting system, the United States will fall into the same tyranny of the former Soviet Union and the freedom and democracy of the United States will be gone forever.

5. Tougher Penalty for Voter Fraud: You Cheat, You’re Out!

The best way to stop voter fraud is to establish a tougher new law to invalidate all the votes for the cheating candidate in the county where the systematic voter fraud occurred. 

It’s like the penalty for cheating in high school exams. If a student is found cheating during an exam, you don’t just reduce his score by the number of cheating answers. You will give him a big “F” on his exam. 

It should be the same penalty for voter fraud. If one county was found cheating in favor of one candidate, all the votes for this candidate in this county shall be automatically and totally voided, not just recounted. That will deter fraudsters from committing voter fraud in the future elections and preserve the election integrity of this Great Nation under God.

Election is the most important function in a democratic society. No one should temper the justice of the electoral system in the United States. If we cannot stop the voter fraud in our electoral system, there is no meaning for the elections in the future. Only through these Election Reform to close up all the loopholes in our electoral system that we would have a fair and clean election that everyone can accept, no matter what the result will be.

All the Legal Votes Must Be Counted and

All Illegal/Fraudulent Votes Need to Be Tossed Out!

Stop Voter Fraud to Keep the Election Clean & Fair!

God Bless America!

The Special Warning on Voter Fraud

Here is the warning I want to give to all those who are involved in the voter fraud and who try to cover up the voter fraud in this election:

"God is watching from above and no one can hide his/her crime from the All-seeing Eyes of God from above. This election will be the historic event written into US history. Anyone who is involved in the voter fraud or tries to cover up the voter fraud in this election will be condemned in the history book for the future generations.

Please stop the cover-up or interference with the investigation of voter fraud in this election, otherwise you will regret what you have done in this historic election for the rest of your life." 

- Son of Man Christ



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